Man running from storm

What It Means to Fear the Lord

The Bible says some profound things about fearing the Lord. For instance, in Proverbs 1:7, we find these words: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge….”But what does it mean to fear the Lord? To many people, that term conveys a pretty intimidating idea. Let me start by saying that God is never the enemy. He is … Continue Reading →

Moses and the Red Sea

Observations from Moses and His Experience with God

Have you ever met someone who seemed to have an extraordinary relationship with God? I believe most of us would agree Moses fell into that category in his day. Because of the relationship Moses had with God, the Lord showed him sides of himself that most people will never personally see. This week, I have been studying the book of … Continue Reading →

The words "God is Good"

Taste and See, the Lord is Good

Our relationship with God should not be passive but active. It’s good that we can quote lots of Scriptures from the Bible. But we also need to plug them into our personal lives so we can experience God. That’s what the psalmist means when he says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good….” (Psalm 34:8). The Hebrew word … Continue Reading →

Preachers preaching

We Need a Word from the Lord

Christian church leaders should be the prophetic voice in the earth. When governmental leaders want to know “what time it is,” they should be searching out God’s men and women to find out. The Old Testament prophets were that kind of voice in their generations. So were the apostles in their day. When Jeremiah the prophet was in prison, Zedekiah … Continue Reading →

Image with the words "Diversity" and "Unity"

We Can Have Diversity with Unity

No two of us are exactly alike. Each of us is a unique creation of our Creator. Yet He calls for us to be one. Jesus even prayed for that: “that they all may be one; as you, Father, are in me, and I in you…” (John 17:21). This calling goes against our natural propensity. We tend to gravitate toward … Continue Reading →

Riot, Ferguson, MO

Can We Move Beyond Ferguson, MO?

The saga continues. A portion of white America maintains that the frustration of people of color, with regard to police killings of young black males, is much ado about nothing. And a portion of black America sees every such incident as a reason to cry foul. With each occurrence, each side digs in, using the incident at hand as little … Continue Reading →

A list of things to be thankful for

Learning to be More Thankful

In the book of Numbers, the Bible tells of a time when the people of God complained when they should have been thankful. While in the wilderness, they complained about the journey and what they had to eat. It was something called manna. The Bible says it tasted like fresh oil (Numbers 11:8). Granted, that doesn’t sound very appetizing. Anyway, … Continue Reading →