Picture of Bill Cosby

A Lesson from Bill Cosby

I have loved The Cosby Show from the time it debuted in the 80s. I am sure millions of others can say the same thing. I still enjoy reruns of the show when I stumble across them. But these days, a totally different Bill Cosby is being portrayed on the TV screen that made him famous in the past. To date, … Continue Reading →

Cross with the words "Amazing Grace"

“He Gives More Grace”

All who make it into heaven will do so solely by the grace of God. It is only by His grace that we will be deemed faultless before Him. But the grace of God is not limited to grace for salvation. Moreover, we don’t all walk in the same measure of total grace. For the Bible says, “He gives more … Continue Reading →

Man with phone open to the atmosphere

Hear God’s Quiet Voice

Note: The words comprising this post were taken from devotion 36 (“A Quiet Voice”) of my recently released book, “Transforming Moments with God.” Oftentimes, in the Bible when God manifested His presence, He did it in a dramatic way. He caused, for instance, the rain to fall 40 days and nights when He judged the world in Noah’s day. To … Continue Reading →

Building to conduct prayer

Stir Up the Gift within You

Most of us have a vivid memory of how it was when we first met Christ and He miraculously changed our life. Remember how excited you were about your newfound faith? Remember how passionate you were about the Word of God? Remember how your thinking of Christ pervaded your every thought about anything else? But for some of us, perhaps … Continue Reading →

Church members gathered together

What Church Membership Has to Offer

A few years ago, I wrote a book entitled, “Steps to the Victorious Walk.” It was a resource aimed at helping believers progress from a genuine salvation experience to victorious Christian living. One of the chapters in that book is entitled, “Victory through Church Membership.” In that chapter, I address some of the benefits of belonging to a good local … Continue Reading →

Pope Francis

Pope Francis: The Devil is Real

Last Thursday at the Vatican, Pope Francis warned the faithful that the devil is no myth. “This generation, and many others, have been led to believe that the devil is a myth, a figure, an idea, the idea of evil,” he said. The pope’s message and warning came against the backdrop of millions of revelers around the world participating in Halloween … Continue Reading →

Preacher on TV

Three Biblical Standards for Preachers

I believe the Bible is the Word of God. When we study the Bible, God is speaking to us. With that said, I want to reflect on my personal Bible study yesterday morning. I was studying Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians. As I read it, God spoke to me as a preacher of the gospel. In this blog post, … Continue Reading →