Homeless man begging

Mission Teens, Inc. Underscores the Power of Effective Discipleship

Last night, I attended the 21st graduation banquet of a local ministry called Savannah Missions Bible Training Center (SMBTC). It is a part of Mission Teens, Inc., which has seventeen similar centers around the country. I volunteer to minister the Word of God monthly at SMBTC. I must say it is one of the most effective Christian ministries that I … Continue Reading →

Building with a "Prayer Station" sign outside

Prayer Will Stay the Works of the Devil

The Bible calls the devil our enemy. He goes about seeking whom he can devour (1 Peter 5:8). We must not be passive toward his campaign against us. We can and we must contend with him. And prayer is one of the most potent weapons we have against the works of the devil. Our model can be found in Luke’s … Continue Reading →

Man holding cross to worship before the Lord

Our Heart and Our Worship

We are to worship God and Him alone. This is clearly taught in the Scriptures. But what constitutes acceptable worship? How can you know that when you attend a local church to worship God that your worship will please Him? The first incident of worship after the fall of man is recorded in the Book of Genesis, chapter 4. It … Continue Reading →

Open Bible on the Internet

Study Focuses on the Internet as a Ministry Tool

The Barna Group recently conducted a two-part nationwide study involving 610 Protestant church pastors across the country. The study focused on these pastors’ personal use of the Internet and their view toward it as a tool for ministry. Based on the results of the study, 87 percent of those pastors believe it is theologically acceptable to provide ministry through the Internet. … Continue Reading →

Road paved with the words "Are We There Yet?"

God Has a Good Reason for doing it That Way

Has it ever seemed as if God was taking you around the world just to get you across the street? Or have you ever thought that He majors on making simple things complicated? We can be tempted to entertain thoughts like those because our perspective pales in comparison to God’s. I am convinced that if we knew what God knows, … Continue Reading →

A crown of thorns and the words "Lord" and "Savior

Lordship Entails Obedience

Not everyone who strives to live for Christ is being legalistic. A desire to obey His teachings does not necessarily mean the person is trying to earn salvation. Granted, there may be a few who are—to no avail. But generally speaking, those of us who desire to live that way do so because we regard Christ as not only Savior … Continue Reading →

Girl on exercise bike working out to get into shape

Let’s Get into Spiritual Shape

I have always made bodily exercise a priority. It’s a no-brainer that it’s good for the body. Many of our health problems can be traced back to a lack of physical exercise. Some businesses provide incentives for their employees to make physical exercise a priority. Employers understand the increased productivity and decreased absenteeism associated with a healthier workforce. Nevertheless, our … Continue Reading →